Friday, May 16, 2008

(Minor) Cuddlefish Disaster

So. The Cuddlefish. Adding the mantle ridge in was a complete success - he is full of ridge-y goodness. I was full of arrogance at my mad knitting skillz, yo.


So I began to do the same for the eye bulges - stick in some 0000's, snip snip, unravel.


Oh what's that you say? I wasn't supposed to cut THAT thread?


Well, what's the worst than can happen?


[hint - it's not this, but this is what I got]

So, I lost about a half-inch of knitting on the top of the cuddlefish, which requires losing the bottom tentacle, and dis-attaching the mouth, in order to fix. On the upside, I do still have the mouth, and now the eyes? Should be cake! Plus I can now rip them with impunity, if they don't turn out right the first time.

[will be putting in the pics for these after I go gets food]

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