Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Internet down again, posting from work

Our internet tower was hit by lightning over the holiday break, and it's still not back up.

Galveston Prime update: Finished with Chart E, and about halfway through Chart F. I'm keeping caught up with the 2k a day, so I should finish Chart F on friday. Whee! I added the next ball of the undyed silk from (her stuff is great, check it out when you get a chance), which means that Galveston is already over 1000 yards long! I'm also about halfway done with the shawl in general, which means that my projected yardage was WAYYY off. I didn't know how much to get for a design I was making up myself, so I looked up the yardage for Frost Flowers, a shawl that I figured would be about the same size when all's said and done, which was 3600 yards, and I rounded up to 4000 (just in case). Yeah. Probably more along the lines of 2200-2500, as it turns out. Good to know, though, that I've got enough for one large and one small Galvy.

I made an updated schematic, but it is of course at home. With the no-internets. I'll try and get that up when I can.

In wedding news, there isn't any! That's right: No money, no concrete plans, no reception hall, no invitations sent, no guest list. I fail at weddings. Largely, I think, because of the no money part: I have no money, ergo, no budget, ergo, cannot reserve a place or send invitations (and that no guest list part helps with that too). I'm seriously thinking to just elope and tell mom if she wanted a wedding she should have had one herself. But that's anther rant.

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