Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Battle Plans

So, it's December 19th.

I have 5 days to finish all my christmas presents. Most of these simply aren't going to happen. LittlerBrother's hat I *gasp* actually didn't have the yarn for, so I'm getting him an awesome couple of books. TwinSister's soaps I don't have the money for, so she's getting a tin of delicious made-by-me-with-stuff-I-already-have cookies. We're going in on mom's gift, the lot of us, and I guess that means I need to pick up some socks for dad as well, then whip up a pair of felted clogs for FavoriteAunt and the hat for FavoriteCousin, and then I should be good to go.

I also have 5 days to get together all of the financial info needed for the wedding (will work on much of this over the phone, I hope), waaaay overbudget for a dress (I love one that costs $600, but will probably get one around $100 if I can. I mean, come on. It's one dress. It's not made of gold, and I'll hopefully be wearing Galveston anyways), get a ballpark of how much flowers, cake, food should cost for the wedding, PLUS include the cost of bridesmaid dresses and groomsman tuxes (since most of 'em are family anyway), tack on a honeymoon, and appear at my parents respective houses armed with this information. With this, I will present my case for a budget, and hopefully walk away with most of what I'm arguing for, which should be just what I need.

ALL I WANT TO DO RIGHT NOW IS SPIN. But Galveston MUST be finished soon. We're getting hitched on February 29th, Leap Day, and I will wear this shawl if it kills me.

Which, you know, probably it will.

For shits and giggles, let us determine how far along I am. Let us assume that I will finish the end of Chart E by new years, shall we? Let us do so. That leaves us with approximately 65% (the schematic does not include the edging) of the shawl to finish in (taking off a week for the inevitable "oh crap I forgot something" moments) 53 days. So, that's 1.2% per day, but I like some kind of safety net, plus I hate fractions, so let's make it an even 2% per day. Now what exactly is 2% of a six foot shawl? As of right now there are:

62,016 sts in what's left of the body
17,994 sts in edging
80,010 sts total

So if we disregard those last 10 sts (because really, I don't care that much about decimal points), that's 80k stitches in 53 days. That means it's 1510 sts per day going at a regular pace, or 1600 stitches per day if I do 2% a day. That's surprisingly enough less than I was thinking I would have to do back when I thought I could finish Galveston Prime in time enough for the Yarn Harlot, and I loves you Yarn Harlot, but I love my Sweetie more and if there's anything I learned during her talk, it's the value of knitting during a wedding. So, yeah. Let's round that up to 2k stitches a day as ever I can, to give me a little more wiggle room (you can see that I'm liking the wiggle room, yes?).

2000 stitches a day.

Shit, I'd better get knitting.

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