Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wedding Day Contestants

So, Sweetie and I are getting married, and the other day he remarks that he would "kinda like to wear a tux", which of course means that now I have to wear something that, you know, goes with a tux. I hadn't really entertained the possibility of wearing an honest to god Wedding Dress, and so I was really ignorant about the types and styles that were out there.

I don't know how many hours I spent in front of the monitor at Hastur's house, sifting through flickr and google, tabbing only images that I really, truly liked. Then I went through them all, noting which was the most prominent skirt style, bodice style, etc., and with that criteria in mind started checking out vendor websites. I think, after all this, that I've found my dress, hair, and bouquet. Please bear in mind that I wanted something simple, elegant, and frugal. We are still wanting to have a simple elopement and reception, and our biggest and most inflexible rule is that we absolutely cannot and will not go into debt from this wedding.

That said, here is my dress:

And hair that I like:

And a small bouquet that I like:

I really like the dress because the red and the beading remind me of persian wedding dresses, the style and color of them. It would clash just horribly with the lighter shades of henna, so I likely would not get much done, unless I was sure of a very dark stain indeed. And while the dress is expensive, $600 off the rack, it's much less so than other dresses I was looking at.

So if it should happen to be the case that I get married in a dress, it'll be one like that. What do you think?


Fyberduck said...

There is something fantastically feminine and sexy about a red and white wedding dress - I totally approve. And henna'd arms would rock with it.

Lovely Lilly said...

My oldest daughter got married last October and she wore exactly the same style gown but her color was green. The dress is even more fabulous in person. Go for it!

mehitabel said...

Great choice! And you might do like my daughter did, and start haunting eBay and Craigslist. She got the dress of her dreams (plus veil and all the other tchotckes) for much less, never been worn, and the size was perfect too.