Sunday, June 17, 2007

Variations on a Theme

Socks. Say it with me now: Socks.

My world has been an explosion of socks recently. Sock patterns, sock pictures, sock knitting, of course. But more and more these past few weeks I've found myself designing pairs and pairs of socks. At odd moments: pair of socks on the bus to work, pair of socks while sitting down to dinner, pair of socks while watching a movie (if any of you are planning to go see the new Fantastic Four, keep a watch out for the Invisible Woman's brown sweater - it's only in one scene, but it's fabulous. I can't wait for a screen shot to come out somewhere, so I can finish scribbling down what I think it looked like).

It's all socks all the time over at Casa del Pen Name.

I'm almost done with Sweetie's herringbone socks (only 3 inches of cuff and a tubular bind off to learn for each one), and I've started a pair of Aran Sandal Socks as my reward for finishing Sweetie's pair, and of course I've a few other pairs I want to cast on for. Since I obviously can't knit them all in time enough to show you (a digital camera is on the list of things to buy with my first paycheck - any suggestions?), I'll probably make up the patterns and post them as free PDFs. Because I do so love a good sock. And I hope you do too.

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Sue said...

I really like my little Nikon Coolpix. It's a nice compact little point 'n' shoot. I've also been eyeing a Canon digital Rebel SLR, though it wouldn't be nearly as portable as the Nikon.....