Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Loves My In-Laws

So, the Galveston loan thing? Taken care of. Sweetie's parents said that since they were planning to give us a large wedding gift anyway, they would help us make half-now amount, so I can pay off the other half and get some savings going myself. I am so grateful that the man I love happens to come from an awesome family. I'm going to have to start some serious christmas knitting this year for them! Come mid-August, it is all presents all the time for these people (at least until I finish, or panic, both).

This also speaks well for a smaller-scale wedding, which we're both still hoping for. Having to borrow several hundred dollars from people you're not technically related to yet goes a long way in the "I'm not buying dinner for three hundred people" department (not that we're inviting three hundred people or anything. Honestly, I'd like to keep it at less than 50 total, but I don't think that's likely. We both have big families).

So all in all, things are going splendidly right now. I've gotten in my first paycheck, and knowing how many hours were on it, I can now calculate my monthly income, minus bills, loans, food and savings, and I have enough left over for a modest yarn budget. If I could knit a pair of socks in two weeks, my stash would be in complete stasis.


bio_knit_kitty said...

Found your site via ravelry. Nice to find another knitter in town.

Heatherly said...

we did our wedding for $1500. it was incredible. i had 2 friends who were chef-y and i bought the food they created, a friend who made my cake, and a photographer i babysat for so i just had to develop the pix. also i went to several friends who made incredible whatevers and asked if they would do it for the wedding, they were happy to be apart of everything. we expected 80 people, but had 180. everything worked out though. so dont worry. you can do it.
btw- i love the dress choice!