Monday, June 18, 2007


Today I spent two and a half hours asking A&M Galveston why they said I owed them $2,000, why they hadn't mentioned this in the three and a half years I've been at A&M College Station, and how quickly did they expect someone who has been living paycheck to paycheck all her college life (and who, coincidentally, has not yet had the first paycheck of her post-college life) to get that $2,000 to them.

In short, the answers are: They fucked up and gave me money they shouldn't have, while leading me to think it was part of my student loans; They supposedly emailed me once, three years ago, on an email account I did not have set up but which technically existed on the campus servers; and half immediately, half in six months.

This last bit would be fine, except for that whole half immediately thing. I don't have a savings account worth the name right now, much less a grand to spare.

Grar. Now I have to get another loan, so I can pay off this amount, but in a sane amount of time. Fuckers are lucky I don't just declare bankruptcy on their asses.

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Morandia said...

If it is a student loan, bankruptcy doesn't help... you still have to pay. Trust me, I know