Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sheepie Sheepie Sheepies!

Whew, what a couple of days! I've blatantly stolen the ideas of others, and made a slew (a dozen is a slew, right?) of sheepie stitch markers out of polymer clay. With the few questions that had to be thrown out due to grammatical confusion, I made a 100 on my last psych test. I've set up an interview for a new job (honestly, I love the library, but woman cannot live on minimum wage alone), which should help out considerably in the ability to buy grocieries department. Our internet's been consistantly down for days, and tonight there was a city-wide power outage that lasted a good couple of hours. Candles, talk of gaming, and socializing with good friends filled out the evening nicely. The SBT has only the neckband left to finish (which I'll do during class tomorrow and drop off at my LYS), and I couldn't be happier to see it go. As it turns out, I'm not terribly skilled at horizontal armbands, I picked up the requisite 3:4 stitches and it still feels too inelastic to me. Maybe some people like them that way? At any rate, I'm intent on finishing it before I leave for Happy Fun Time this weekend. And have I mentioned my perfect 100 on my psych test? My five-chapter-spanning infant developmental psychology test? Where the professor not only has given me permission to knit in class, but remembers my name and test scores without having to consult her notes? I love psychology so hard.

The Emma scarf continues along well. 9 pattern repeats is looking like the right size for her, and I'm almost done with he 5th. My tendonitis is back (seems to flare up whenever I work on the SBT - could I be allergic to bobbles?) and I'm alternating between babying it and knitting like a fiend. I keep working on Emma and thinking, TwinSister sure would love this. This would match the hat I gave her for christmas last year. She really appreciates handmade gifts, and our birthday IS coming up. Damnit. I know I have enough to make another Emma - seriously, there's a lot of sweater left to work with, plus one that's cashmere and another that's angora/lambswool instead of angora/nylon, so it's not like I couldn't make myself another one. But damnit, I want Emma to be mine, I've worked so hard on her already. My gifting impulses always seem to kick in right as I'm finishing something. Maybe I could make her an Emma out of the cashmere sweater - it's a light cafe au lait, it would really suit her coloration. I know I said I'll only knit lace for me, but if you can't knit lace for your twin, who can you knit for?

Oh, and on the request of Mr. Hastur, here's some more of my scribblings. I think I'll try and put up one a week.

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