Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Early Voting

Wow, a whole week? I am behind, aren't I? Things have been happening, be assured. Emma is off the needles (and on the neck, it's finally getting cold in texas!) and I'm starting to work on Frost Flowers again.

In other news, it's early voting time here in Aggieland, and I'd rig me up a blue layout if I wasn't so pleased with the current one. There are good people running for the Dems in Texas right now, which is handy, since I promised myself I'd vote my uterus on this one. Here's a handy lineup:

Senatorial race:

Barbara Ann Radnofsky supports Roe v. Wade, raising minimum wage, AND wants there to at least be a freaking plan for getting out of Iraq.

House race:

Well... Chet Edwards voted for parental notification, but he voted against abortion bans. That's not great, but it's better than Van Taylor, who's strictly anti-birth control anti-choice anti-substantive-sex-education (i.e. abstinence only, condoms cause AIDS/breast cancer, and vaccinating girls against HPV will make them sluts). So, Dems win again. Edwards has a 50% positive rating with the ACLU, and even that's impressive these days. Ah, Texas. The official State of Lowered Expectations.

Gubernatorial race:

I have to admit, I want to vote Kinky. Not only because, well, it's Kinky Friedman, but because he's actually got a pretty good platform going. Give teachers money. Give kids health care. Get Texas some sustainable energy already. I still don't know his stance on reproductive rights, though, so I'll be looking into that before I decide.

I plan to look more at the other races an whatnot today after work. Updates to come.

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