Thursday, October 12, 2006

Birthday for TwinSister

Well, I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to give Emma to my sister for her birthday, but I do know I'm making her (and me!) some nice skin lotions, which may or may not go well with Emma. If I give her up. Which I don't want to. But I might.

So, I spent much of today looking at recipes online for various hand/body/face lotions/creams/butters/bars, and most of the ingredients were the same as what I was using for lip balm (which is nice). The only things I don't seem to have are vitamin E (which I may or may not include in my own lotion, since it tends to destroy henna stains and I want my lotions to be henna-friendly), aloe gel and/or juice (seriously,
aloe juice? aloe juice?), glycerine (meh), and borax. Now, I don't know much about chemistry, but isn't borax.... not so good for you? Doesn't enough of it kill you? Well, enough of anything will likely kill you, but you know what I mean. So I may not use the borax. Here are the ingredients I currently have:

Olive oil
Sweet almond oil
Coconut oil
Cocoa butter
Orange-vanilla FO (somewhere)
Tea Tree EO
Lavender EO (somewhere)
Sandalwood-almond EO (somewhere)
Vanilla, Almond, Peppermint extracts

So, I think I've got a good base here for lotion making. I know I definitely want to include the beeswax, lanolin, honey, and probably rosewater. I figure I can call it "happy sheep balm" or something silly like that, and tie one of the sheepie stitch
markers to the lid. I think she'd like it.

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