Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wabbit Season

It's that time again, folks - time for Tom Short to come to the A&M campus and spread his particular view on how we're all bad people and we're all going to hell in our respective handbaskets. Some of his gems from previous semesters have been "the only reason we shouldn't kill homosexuals as the bible demands is that there's so many of them," "Evolution is the tool of satan," and "date rape isn't really rape" (my personal favorite).

Anyway, so this semester he decides to start things off by badmouthing Islam - and you may not know this, blogland, but my family? Yeah, predominantly muslim. So I get prickly when he starts saying things like "all good Muslims support terrorism and 9/11" despite the fatwahs against it and all the Quaranic evidence. Of course, I haven't studied much of the quaran - or the bible for that matter, I'm really areligious personally - so I'm not really equipped with the exact surahs and such that prove him wrong. Ergo, for the rest of this week I'm going to be talking to muslim friends and family, and probably taking a trip down to the local Mosque. Because with Tom Short, I always know he's wrong - it's just a matter of finding out where.

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Kadiddly said...

I completely agree, and I do consider myself Christian! Those people irritated me to no end when I was in school, too. We called them the doomsday prophets. I particularly didn't like getting told that I was going to hell because I was obviously putting knowledge and education before God. What?! God gave me a brain but wants me NOT to use it?? Football games (I went to a Big Ten school, football games practically ARE religious observances) drove them absolutely nuts. They usually got trampled by the crowd pretty quickly, though.