Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Man, I am so excited about spinning these days! I love it in a way usually reserved for infants or small pets. I've spun wool, wool/mohair, silk/mohair, and I'm ordering some Tussah silk and linen fibers to try out :) The silk/mohair I've been spinning laceweight (yay laceweight!) as singles, and my friend Hastur the cross-stitcher says there might be a demand for that as a luxury thread in stitcher circles. Who knew? Either way, I've got 5oz of silk and a full pound of linen coming my way, and the fleece should be here any day now.

Speaking of silk and linen, I asked my vegan friend if Tussah silk "counts" as Vegan. As I understand it, the cocoons aren't from cultivated worms, but wild worms living in the jungle, that folks go and gather after the moths have flown away. He said it's a little iffy, because it does come from worms, but it should be okay, and he personally has no problem with it :) I may knit him a little something out of it - maybe a butterfly? Maybe a moth? Either way, it should be fun.

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