Sunday, February 19, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Days 7, 8, 9

So far, I have 20+ inches of the Yellow Scarf finished, and I'm progressing well on the socks. I know I have to buckle down and commit to one of these in order to finish in time, and I'm having a really hard time deciding which one of these is going to take me through the home stretch. I have 11.5 of the 30 pattern repeats done on the scarf (plan to finish at least 1.5 more before going to bed), and one toe - that's right one toe - done on the socks, so I'm thinking the scarf is going to win out this season. Sure, I've got almost 20 more inches to go, but it sure goes a lot faster on 8s than 3s. The socks, they will be finished by the end of february (got to keep up with that resolution, after all)... or at least the first week of march.

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