Friday, February 10, 2006

Dichotomy Socks - Note to Self

Okay, so those Dichotomy Socks I posted a pattern for recently? The ones with the gague of 8 sts/inch? Yes, they don't fit me in the cuff. The pattern works - it makes a sock that looks like it should, that gets the correct gague in St st, is pretty to see and (in theory, anyway) fun to wear, and it does. Not. Fit. Me.

Is it the cables? Is it the cotton? Is it the fact that I really really should have done a gague swatch in pattern? Who knows? It could be any one or many of these things. The pattern will be adjusted to reflect many sizes of feets, once this olympic stuff is over. I'll probably just add plain ribbing inbetween the cables.

It does, however, fit K., and she did just have a birthday recently, so... happy birthday, here's a half-done sock!

... you know, I think it is the cables. I knew they pulled in when I wrote the pattern, it's hard to do cables and not notice that, I just figured the yarn overs in the lace pattern would stretch enough to account for the pull. Note to self: they don't. They account for the decreases in that selfsame lace pattern is what they do.

I think I've noticed something, though, with cable patterns. It seems to me that a 6-stitch cable takes up about the same width as a 4-stitch rib. Could there be a 3:2 ratio of cable crossings to stockinette? I should do some comparative swatching and find out.

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