Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Day 4

Well, I've decided to have the pattern for these tan-and-brown socks be a modified form of Jaywalkers - basically, they're about ankle-high, I did my own heel without looking at the pattern, and I'm kinda guessing on the gusset decreases. All is going well. The thing is, though, that these socks? They're going to be fugly. On the cuff, the stripes are doing well, no pooling, one row tan, one row brown, switch to 2 rows each for the heel, 4 during the turn, really nothing wrong with the stripes themselves. It's just the colors, see, they're really really ugly. But, I kinda like them ugly, for some reason. These are socks only a knitter could love, the red-headed stepchild of handknit socks, the oh my god has she lost it already socks.... plus they're pure wool, so they're the unseasonably warm in summer which is when they'll be ready socks :) I love these socks like I love my cross-eyed dim-bulb inbred cat - because someone has to. And it might as well be me.

Update - 2 hours later.
Well, I've got much of the foot done. Guess I'd better try it on and see when I should start the toes, eh?

*gets sock onto foot, cannot get past heel*


Okay, stepchild sock, that's it for you for today. Now, I go to cast on for a friggin' toe-up sock if it kills me - at least this one I *know* will fit. That'll learn me to eyeball my gague swatch >.>

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