Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sometimes, There Are Assholes

Such as at work, on the phone, who call 15 minutes after you clock out (and you TOLD them when you clock out) but you're nice and take their call anyways, and they go APESHIT on you for half an hour and throw temper tantrums (Grown people!) because of a policy you didn't create, that they've been told about repeatedly for over a month and a half of phone and email conversations.

Sometimes assholes get reported to your supervisor, and you go get margaritas. Yay margaritas!

In a completely unrelated note, I have been having the stress lately. I have the stress about the studying I should be doing for grad school, I have the stress about the planning I should be doing for a wedding, I have the stress about crunching numbers for the possibility of a mill. Lots of the stress. Maybe even a little the stress from having to talk to assholes on occasion, instead of letting my brain-juice settle nicely into the placid pool that is my usual work day. I like my nice, repetitive tasks, with their soothing music, their mild differences that keep things interesting, the bits of hey, I should read that when it comes in that make library work so enjoyable. I even like talking to other lackeys through customer service - how is your day? here is the problem in which I am not too personally invested, thank you for not going apeshit, thank you again for your solution to this problem.

So when I get the stress I avoid the things that cause it - wedding planning, studying, crunching numbers - and I do something soothing and fun. Lately it has been spinning, and I think working with the Sandstone roving has really freed me to work with color in ways that I hadn't considered before.

For example, Sweetie's sister got me two ounces of a lovely blue and yellow roving. The colors are great, it's pure silk, what's not to love? Well, a barber-pole blue and yellow scarf, not so much. However, a variegated warmer/cooler green scarf? Totally down. I picked up the most recent Spin-Off, dug out my wool cards, blended up some of the roving, and I'm loving it. It flashes from bright chartreuse to sea-kelp blue to happy hayfield yellow-green. It's happy, it's largely tonal, and it's now something I will wear and love forever. I feel released just thinking about it.

So when I got all angry today about the asshole (this happened more than once, the anger. I get mad in waves, highs and lows over time), I for some reason thought, I'll show him! That jerk! I'm going to design a lace pattern that's not perfectly symmetrical, see who he's being a jerk to now!

Why I thought this was vengeance, I have no idea. But I DO have two new ideas for stoles (or one really long stole if you stacked them?), if I can make the graph paper love me. This WILL work. I have my sketches, I have my calculator, I have the awesome power of my brain. I have not been this revved about a pattern since Galveston (which, by the way, I will be getting up soon, I promise).

Take THAT.

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bj from Red Bird Ranch said...

That's the best 'revenge on an a**hole' I've ever heard!