Saturday, October 20, 2007

Been Spinning

So I've spun up one 4-oz bundle of the wool from Smoky Mountain Spinnery. I was aiming for laceweight, but may have hit closer to a lovely two-ply fingering weight. Right off the plying bobbin I had 321 yards, but that's not the full 4 oz due to sampling spinning, sampling plying, having one bobbin significantly fuller than the other, and trying to ply from both ends of that yarn cake, which worked for about half of what was left before becoming a tangled mess that I was too tired to untangle. I'm estimating about 1700 ypp, once it's been set, but I'll keep you posted. I'm certainly glad I got that second 4 oz bundle. Right now it looks about as heavy as Sea Silk, in the thickest places.

In other news, I am now a quarter century old. I choose to be optimistic and say that this is a quarter of my expected lifespan, rather than an approximate third.

In other other news, I am trying very hard to get these PDFs to post. If it doesn't happen, I will put them up as regular-type posts, and/or start a yahoo group of my free patterns. It would certainly be easier to update! ...I may do this in the morning.

In yet other (but lastly-type) news, I now have a studio! Our former storage/junk room, even formerly a dining room, has now been cleared of junk and mess, filled with yarn and fiber-related goodness, and re-named. Both the yarn cabinets are now in there, as is the wheel (and wheel-related goods, such as the spinnin' chair and lazy kate), the projects basket, the swift and winder, and my roving.

The best part? My roving? It's on the wall. Big braids, hanging in a row about 6" from the ceiling, all along the wall with the kitchen window. It's about three pounds of wool/silk/linen/mohair total. It rocks hard.

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bj from Red Bird Ranch said...

What a wonderful Qtr-Birthday present to yourself ... a fiber-artist's Studio. Congratulations for both accomplishments.