Friday, December 16, 2005

Oh. My. God.

I just ordered so many books on interlibrary loan. ALL of 'em for knitting!

Simply socks : 45 traditional Turkish patterns to knit
Folk socks : the history & techniques of handknitted footwear (worth buying!)
Knitting on the road : sock patterns for the traveling knitter (worth buying)
>Knitting vintage socks : new twists on classic patterns (worth buying!)
Socks, socks, socks (worth buying!)
Sensational knitted socks
Latvian mittens : traditional designs & techniques
The twisted sisters sock workbook
Heirloom knitting
Folk knitting in Estonia
Enchanted knitting : charted motifs for hand and machine knitting (By the Hennapage lady!)
Yarns to dye for : creating self-patterning yarns for knitting

Can you tell I've caught the sock knitting bug? I've only finished one of my pair, and already I'm in love!

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