Monday, December 05, 2005

I Love My Breasts...

...but goddamn. I put the Circular Shrug on some circular needles (to join them post-armholes) and knit a few inches, until the whole thing was of a pretty good size, and I figured a few inches of lace would then do me quite nicely.

I put it on. I was wrong. There is still a nice, big, 19 inch gap in the front, while at the same time, the collar? Yeah, already beginning to flip itself over.

Time for emergency procedures..... time for short rows. I figure all I want, lacewise, is probably a simple little rib with some eyelets, maybe 4 inches worth. (the less lace I do, the less inches I have to work with twice the number of stitches, the more yarn I save. Smart, eh?) So that leaves me with, what, 9 inches more of work to do on the front?

So now I go and look up short rows. I swear, this will be done, and it will be good. And if it isn't, well... the new Knitty is up, you know.

Side note: PrimaryBrother's hat is doing very well. 4" of 2x2 rib, 5" stockinette, decreases, and done. Then to duplicate-stitch Pacman and his beloved dot, and I'm good to go.

[edit] Damnit, that Tubey from knitty keeps looking better and better. If this doesn't work out, I'm totally making that.

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