Saturday, November 26, 2005


Well, I ended up just mixing up enough henna for my hands this time, though I did pre-sift (I used Hennaboy's morrocan, very nice, almost no loss of powder) and used honey as my sweetener. I would have liked to let it release a little longer, but I ended up putting it on tuesday night for about 3 hours, unsealed, in chilly weather, and got nice bright pumpkin stains that are still with me.

In the world of knitting, I picked up the barely-started circular shrug tuesday night and knit about an inch, then kept up with it on my many hours of in-the-car time between the homes of various family members. I've now got a delicious runway of about 12" of 2x2 rib, so only 4 more inches to go before I can stick this bitch on the circs and get going with the lace!

After, you know, a few more inches with the ribbing.

But it'd be circular ribbing.

Anyway, as far as the stripey hat goes, I'm getting about 2" of unstretched illusion knitting to each 3" of stretched striped knitting, so it's pretty interesting. The ribbing is 3" deep, so I figure that 4" of unstretched illusion knitting will cover the bottom of her hears just fine, and if she needs to she can pull it down to 6" stretched and fold up the ribbing. So, three more total inches to go, and I can start the decreases. Yay for decreases! Decreases mean I'm in the process of being done!

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