Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stuff to Recall

So, I came home tonight from a friend's, with a very nice bottle of Pomegranite wine :) I haven't tried it yet, but I'd like to have it with a nice dinner with said friend, who's Vegan. Ergo, possible foods listings:

The Joey Stuff
Three With Parsley

Also, due to wacked-out financial stuff, I've now got more motivation than ever to stick to free pattens and stashbuster projects :P I think I can make something similar to the White Lies pretty jacket thingy by modifying a pattern for a circular shrug - that'd be something fairly mindless to make (functionally, it's a big rectangle that you sew up) that'd end up nice. Also, I think shrugs/boobholders are starting to grow on me, and while I'm not sure I like that, this one is significantly cuter than normal. Also, if I make it out of recycled wool that I've got, the whole thing will have cost me a quarter, and if I make it ouf of my Baby Silk, then it'll look real nice and dressy - real swanky-like. I figure I'll need some dressy clothes anyway, eventually, and it might as well be something nice that I can say, "Oh, this old thing? I knit that up ages ago."

Because as we all know, I am a praise-based organism. Screw you, Carbon.

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