Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spiffy Idea #247

Ok, so since I figure I've had at least 246 spiffy ideas in my lifetime (figures to about 10.7 a year on average, so if I have one a month I'm still ahead of the game), I'm going to start at 247 for this one, which shall be duly recorded.

I am making a hat for A. (hitherto to be referred to as 'A.-of-the-stripey-hat') It's wool, either sport or DK weight, that's self-striping in blue and pink. Very cute, but all she wanted was a simple pattern, ribbing for a few inches, stockinette for a few more, decreases and be done with it. I've just finished the end of the ribbing section (3" ribbing, 7-ish" stockinette, then decrease, and it should be able to cover the bottom of her ears with the ribbing folded up), and something occurred to me. At any given point, this hat is striped blue and pink in some combination. Illusion knitting works by fucking up stripes. What reason would there be to NOT purl one of these colors, and make a self-striping illusion knit hat?

Update: A. has agreed to let me play with her hat, and attempt to illusion knit it. Whee!

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