Monday, September 26, 2005

Projects Overview #1

Past Projects:

1. Cotton Beanie, gifted to Gamer-K. Was supposed to be a cabbie-style hat, and somehow ended up with a beanie, but she loved it anyway. Ran out of yarn, could not complete brim. Thank god beanies don't need them. Cost: $10, Yarn: Cotton Twist from LYS. Any leftovers? Not a yard.

2. TwinSister's Scarf, awaiting birthday. Alternated 4 rows of garter, 1 row of that garter where you make it really long by wrapping the yarn around a few times. Whatever it's called. Anyway, it's the style she likes, and it's finished, so all is well. Cost: $5, Yarn: Silky Wool from LYS. Any leftovers? I could make another scarf of the same type out of the ball. Maybe an extra-long one.Update: Decided it was too short, added on another few repeats, may use thw whole skein and have it be super-long.

3. Dishcloths. Cotton. Cheap. Boring. Totally don't count as projects, but I've been donating them to Katrina victims via the LYS, so I'm putting them on here anyway.

Current Projects:

1. Mariah from Knitty, on size 7 circs, with 10 skeins of worsted-weight Wool-ease in Ivory. It's 80% acrylic/20% Wool, which is really bothering my Yarn Snob instincts, but by gad it defines the stitches well, doesn't split, and has been heavenly to work with so far. Also, if I hate it when it's done, I can give it to my sister for christmas. So there. Also, I'm officially Fucking Up The Pattern to get it ALL done on circs, because I hate seaming. Amount done: Less than 1 sleeve.

2. Knit for the Cure Scarf, pink Luscious and crochet cotton, double stranded, with some shimmery-type acrylic alternated with the Luscious to create the contrast. I can't really can't describe it here, but there will be pictures forthcoming. Amount done: 3/15 4" Squares.

Future Projects:

1. The Dreaded Boyfriend Sweater, to be knit out of KnitPicks Merino wool, in Cinnamon. He just wants plain stockingette, round neck with 2/2 ribbing, with two stripes of undyed Wool of the Andes across the chest approx. 1" apart. Thank god for a boyfriend who knows what he wants.... and while I know it's mindless knitting, at least he'll wear it this way.

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