Monday, March 10, 2008

Rainbow Connection

Mr. Sweetie saw a rainbow today.

Because of his color blindness, he doesn't usually see them. It's not the hues that are the trouble, but the lightness - if it gets too light, it's all white to him. Because of this, today's dark and stormy skies were a perfect backdrop for what may be only the second or third rainbow that my Mr. Sweetie has seen in his entire life. We were driving over to a friend's house when we saw it, and pulled over to take a good, long look (and snap a couple of pictures - new digital camera!).

This week I plan to clean my house, and then take picture upon picture of works in progress, finished objects, failed objects (yes, I'm talking to you, Dragon Scarf), and stash yarn (mostly for Ravelry, I'll admit). I will also be relaxing, playing video games, designing a new pattern or two, writing up an old one or two, and making sweet, sweet love to that man of mine.

In general, enjoying married life.

Rainbow days are good days.

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