Sunday, March 16, 2008


Okay, so Mr. Sweetie and I have been talking for months now about getting another pet. I had voted kitten-or-pit-bull-or-mutt, he had voted retriever-labrador-or-otherwise-or-mutt. We both agree on the fundamentals - crate training, obedience, incredibly lots of socialization, that sort of thing - and we were basically just waiting to move to Austin to start looking.

So after the Pagan Student Association meetings on thursday nights, all of us usually head down to Coffee Station for extended talking and having of good times. It's always made better by the presence of Kaylee, a beautiful but surprisingly small mutt owned by a friendly local guy who probably doesn't want his name out on the tubes :)

Kaylee, we have learned, is a mutt, part yellow lab, part pit bull, and as I have said, incredibly sweet and incredibly small (we think there's got to be some other, smaller breed in there somewhere). And guess what? Kaylee's going to be a mama! Her owner didn't have the cash to get her fixed in time, and his friend's black pit (who he said had a big head, so probably not bred for conformation) done got her knocked up when his friend's kid left for school in the morning and didn't shut the door between the uncut-male-dog section of the house and the visiting-female-in-heat section. So, we're looking at puppies, mixes of pits and retrievers, with a mom we know and love (and have I mentioned unusually small? We're hoping that'll pass on ).

While Mr. Sweetie hasn't said we will absolutely definitely get a puppy, he has said that he wants to look for a male, preferably the runt of the litter, and has started amassing information on training and puppy-proofing your apartment.

Oh and by the way, he wants to name him Grue.

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