Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, we're back from thanksgiving, which was fun and hectic as per usual. I was able to give TwinSister her birthday present, a solid shampoo bar from Lush, which she loved, so now I know I'm fine to get her more Lush stuff for christmas, along with the soon to be SIL. Sweetie's mom, FavoriteAunt, and probably my own mom (and maybe dad) are getting felted clogs this year. It's a good gift, but more importantly, I can make a pair of these in a day, if I sit down with a good movie or two. This is how I plan to spend december.

In other news, LittlerBrother has requested a black and white checkered earflap hat for christmas - I knew I came by my horrible fashion sense honestly. This proves that it's genetic. He shall get what he asked for. He specifically requested ties on the bottom of the ear flaps, but I'll have to call and ask if he wants a pompom to go on top. He's into skateboarding now, so maybe hats like this are all the rage with middle school skateboarders?

PrimaryCousin (oldest son of FavoriteAunt) has asked for a hat nearly identical to the one I made for myself last year, which was too big, so it went to him. The only modification he wants is color - white or black please, no pumpkin spice burnt orange like last year, which he was still willing tp put up with because he loved the hat so hard. He couldn't believe that hats could exist without seams - it totally blew his mind, and he gushed over it for hours. He's totally getting another hat. I love that kind of reaction. So I don't forget, that's the worsted weight alpaca up at Nancy's, and the stitch pattern is the drop stitch sweater from a Gathering of Lace. I'll need to get on that one as soon as december hits, and I can put down my writing to knit again.

So, here's the gift list:

Lush soaps - TwinSister
No idea. Booze? - PrimaryBrother
**Knit hat - LittlerBrother
**Felted clogs - Mom
Dad said not to get him anything. I'll cook something for him.
**Felted clogs - MIL
No idea. Booze? - DIL
She would actually appreciate a good booze - SIL
And I could make it for both of them - SIL's husband
**Felted clogs - FavoriteAunt
**Knit hat - PrimaryCousin

FavoriteAunt also has a husband and two other children, but they haven't requested knitwear, so they can wait until after christmas. I can always claim I didn't know what size feet they had or some such, or just come clean that I didn't have enough time to make them all something, but if they want to put in an order, and please be specific, I'm sure we can work something out.

In other news, it finally got cold. I went back over and verified that it got cold much later this year than the two before, when this blog was young. And you know what? While I do now have my giant fuckoff coat (thanks, MIL!), I still don't have a hat. I don't know how many hats I've made - I know damn well I haven't recorded all of them. I tend to make hats for me, find someone who's cold that I love, and give them the hat. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. IT'S COLD AND I NEED A HAT.

So, I guess it's time to spin?

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Liz said...

It's supposed to warm up again, though.

And I specifically remember it being balmy (and humid, of course) in December 05.