Friday, July 20, 2007

HatlotWatch 2007

Day: 01
a) Knit 3000 stitches on Galveston Prime (check)
b) Put numbers on my schematic
c) Build the Rat Castle (check - not knitting related, but happy making)
d) Plot the final shaping of the Cuddlefish (check)

Thus begins HarlotWatch 2007. If successful, I will knit 3000 stitches a day for 55 days, culminating in one very finished Galveston Prime, in time enough to show off for the Yarn Harlot when she comes to Houston. In the event that I get Galvy done and blocked and can't get the day off, I will set fire to all of College Station and escape in the ensuing chaos.

UPDATE: In the interests of not upsetting the Margarita Provider, I hereby promise never to set fire to Hastur's house on pain on hangover.

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