Friday, July 13, 2007

Chugging Along

... on my Galveston shawl. Yup. Halfway through Chart C, after ripping back the point-shaping and border charts. It's sad to see so much knitting gone at once, but it's got that satisfying gut feeling you get when you're sacrificing time to do something right.

I think they call it insanity?

Anyway, seeing the near-finished Galveston shawls on Flickr and in various blogs has really motivated me to get crackin' on the original (Galveston Prime?) so I can hurry up and wear it already. It's still light enough that I can get multiple rows finished walking to and from work and on breaks, which is a nice feeling. I've ended up with an odd stitch marker system, though - my fancy-shmancy bead-and-wire markers at the beginning of the round and between each of the sections, and then cut up straw bits in between pattern repeats on the wave section. It doesn't really make the actual knitting easier, but it makes me feel good to count how many pattern repeats I've done, and it makes tinking back to fix mistakes a little easier.

In other news, Mr. Hastur came up with a great gaming idea, and we've been talking about it almost non-stop since tuesday. I don't want to say too much on it right now, but it might make me have to go buy one of those freakishly large 1" hex battle maps.

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Anonymous said...

I've been googling like crazy to find out how to get the pattern or join the KAL & keep coming up with a big fat O. Is the group closed? Is the Pattern for Sale somewhere? I seen some photos's & heard a few comments on some of my knitting groups & would really like to take a shot at knitting this.