Monday, November 13, 2006


I realized today that I haven't really given any details about my current projects. Sure, there's the jacket (which is waiting to be given a good eulacan soak, since the colors run), the sunshine socks knit two-at-once on a set of five size 0 DPNs. These are the "need something to do with my hands and less so my brain" knitting. But this is lacevember, and I am knitting lace. Enter, Icarus.

See, I like Icarus. It's a good pattern with awesome design elements, it uses just as much yarn as is in one ball of's laceweight (and lucky me, I've got an extra ball in Cadmium), and I've got the magazine with the pattern. Right?

Now wait a tick. It seems I can't find my copy of that issue. I know I have it. I have all the interweave knits issues since two summers ago, when I started knitting. Blast! Was it lost in the move? Could I replace it from the LYS? Would that be violating Hastur's Challenge, and count as pattern-buying, or would it merely be replacing what I know I somewhere have? Is it maybe in Sweetie's room somewhere, well-gnawed-upon by the cats?

So I look at some pictures. Triangle shawl, knit from the top, increases at the top and down the center line. Okay, easy peesy there. More increase lines radiating from the top, no bulky stitch between the yarnovers, so it must decrease into the solid blocks. That's... that's doable. Give it ten stitches between yarnovers? Oh, wait, there's an extra stitch on this first one, then. Eleven will work just as well, right? Sure. Oh, what's this? The first diagonal ray in Icarus comes from the start of the shawl? Huh, mine's got a solid bar there. Ah well.

So it's not Icarus. I tried, and it's close, and when I get the pattern (and will count it towards my reward for the Challenge, I promise) I'll figure out how to work with what I've got to make her edging fit my shawl. Icarus it ain't, but it's damned close.


HasturTorres said...

It is not a violation to replace a chart you already own but has been misplaced or lost. The idea is to reduce your pattern stash and if it is already included in your stash list buying a duplicate does not count. Sometimes things happen to charts especially if you have been the wagon for awhile, so you should not be penalized. I think I will be posting this on my website as a possible addition to the rules since it has come up several times.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I'll pick it up this afternoon, then. Wanna go by the yarn shop with me?