Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another Project Down - Eleventy Million Requested!

Do you remember that skein of pumpkin orange alpaca that went home with me when it shouldn't have? Well, as it turns out it made a mighty fine hat - albeit a touch on the large side, but I wasn't about to rip the decreases again and shorten it up, so it was okay. I used the ribbed lace pattern from A Gathering of Lace, so it's cables and faggoting and goodness all around. I finished it last week, and since it hadn't been part of my stash when I started the challenge, I wasn't going to count it as one of my projects. Hastur let me know that if I gave it away as a gift, that was okay, since you can buy materials for gifts - but my hat? My beautiful pumpkin spice hat? Why would I ever give THAT away?

So I go to thanksgiving with my family. My most favorite aunt hosts it every year, and her son is my most favorite cousin (we grew up together, he's like the triplet I never had). I pull out the Emma scarf and the pumpkin hat to show off, and FavCousin is astounded - a beanie with no seams! He excitedly puts it on, proclaiming loudly that this is THE perfect beanie, and he can't believe why textile companies would seam them when they can be made this wonderful. So I give it to him (he mentions a few other colors he likes in beanies, in case I want to make him some for christmas), and now it gets to count for Hastur's Challenge :)

Of course, TwinSister saw the Emma scarf (you know, the one I agonized over whether or not to give her, and decided to keep for myself?), and declared that it is also the Perfect Scarf - exactly the length, color, and thickness that she would love in a scarf, and the design is just right, and I'll be making one for her for christmas, right? So I said sure. She's my twin and I love her. I'll get to unraveling the rest of that sweater as soon as I get home. I'm thinking I might just take apart this camel-colored cashmere sweater and make another Emma out of that, and give her the original. A true appreciation of handknits should be well-rewarded, after all.

So the holidays have been wonderful. I'm hoping to sneak over to Yarntopia sometime today and pick up some Malabrigio or Fleece Artist, which I can't get in BCS. It would make this weekend complete.

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