Monday, July 31, 2006

Things are Going Well

They are! My yarn from arrived, lovely lovely cadmium yellow, so as soon as I finish this blasted be-bobbled (enbobbled?) top, I can get to work on that. Also, I've had a few ideas for hats, which, hopefully, YarnMonkey will find pleasing. If not, I'll still have new hats :) This may not sound like much to those of you (i.e. everyone but me and the cat) without a working knowledge of my stash, but this idea? Wonderful enough that I pulled out the Peace Fleece skeins in lavender and harvest orange - you know, the ones I was saving until the perfect pattern leapt into my hands and said "KNIT ME, WOMAN!" Yes, those skeins are a-talkin' now. I figure I'll write up the pattern for two different weights, worsted and fingering, to fit most of my stash. Also, this means that I'll not only get an awesome hat in both lavender and harvst orange, I'll also get one in sandy beige Baby Silk :) And it'll rock exactly that hard.

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