Thursday, July 06, 2006

Good Times

Well, the vacation has come and gone, and it was wonderful. Sweetie and I had a great time, his little cousins that went with us are awesome, and of course I love the rest of his family. We rode many a ride, got stuck on a few (one for half an hour, we had to walk down - I shit you not - 14 flights of stairs to get down), and all in all it was about as perfect a vacation as you could wish.

During much of the car trip (it's a good 13 hour drive either way) I had intended to work on my newest project - see, the owner of our LYS wants me to knit her a small top, and is paying me in twice the top's amount of yarn, a lovely 10 balls of SWTC's Pure, 100% soysilk - like I'm going to pass that up? Anyway, I had planned to get at least a quarter done on the drive, packed the yarn and needles and gague swatch, and what did I forget? The pattern, obviously XD It's coming along well now that I'm home, I only have to do an inch and a half a day to finish on time. It'll go faster, of course, once this 6.5" of 3x3 rib with absolutely pointless tiny bobbles are done.

God I hate bobbles. There is no point at which the phrase "Hey, you know what'd look good here? Bobbles!" is anything but drunk talk. They're like the vestigal tails of the knitting beast.

Anyway, schematic to come, since I like doing them, and folks like seeing 'em :) And now, back to work!

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