Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gardening Like Whoa!

So, a bunch of LSGers were talking about getting ready for gardening season, and that got me thinking that you know, I sure would love to grow some things this year. Maybe even things that I could can, since after my last post I seem to have gone on a .... slight canning binge. Maybe. Just a little.

If by 'just a little' you mean a dozen pints of marmalade, 6 pints of jalapeno jelly, and a dozen half-pints of candied jalapenos, ALL of which have all found homes and a good portion of which have been devoured by yours truly in the past month. Then, yes, just a little bit of canning.

So, anyway, I have all these extra jars now (I may have gone and bought 4 dozen more half-pint jars and a dozen quart jars), and I am all out of produce, so hey, why not try growing some?

There's a community garden set up through the university, so I tracked down the email for that and called up a few friends to see if they'd be interested. And now? Now, I may have asked for a 4x20 foot plot, that we've already planned out the setup for, and are just waiting to get the seeds in. Yeah, this is going to be interesting :) The Library Overlord said he might help me get the actual land ready, but I think I'd really prefer to build the plot up instead of try to dig into the clay that is our local soil.

I'm excited, though. I'm actually going to be working with people who can touch plants without killing them, and all the ones we're planting are heirloom and organic. I can't fucking WAIT for spring!

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