Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Poor Heed!

So Heed threw up this morning. Normally this wouldn't worry me, as he has the occasional hairball, and I did just change his food yesterday, but last week I noticed some blood in his poop. It was bright red, and thin, and there wasn't a lot of it, but enough for me to notice (to be fair, I noticed because he actually shit on the *side* of the litterbox - my boy doesn't always realize when he squats down that his butt is sticking over the side).

Again, I've been changing the food fairly often lately, trying to find something that's good for him AND the kitten, that's fairly natural, and high quality. He loves the hell out of the Purina Naturals food, but I really like the Solid Gold brand stuff, their dog food made a huge difference with Maggie, even though she stank to high heaven for a few months when she first got on it. BUT, the food changes could cause constipation or puking, or any number of weird stomach-y things.

So, blood poop + vomit = vet visit. First thing in the morning. I'm super paranoid, even though it's entirely possible that nothing is wrong. I made the mistake of googling "cat rectal bleeding", which is like going on WebMD when you have a funny shaped freckle, because everything you read tells you it's cancer. I know it's likely nothing serious. But I'm freaking the fuck out.

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Cynthia A. said...

Try not to worry too much about your little guy. The blood in the stool is way more likely from intestinal irritation than bleeding from a tumour, etc. Especially if he is sensitive to all of the food changes lately, the vomiting and loose and bloody stools could be a result. An exam is in order if you are worried though, to help you rule out those scary sounding things! (Google can be scary-yeesh) Your vet will likely have some good recommendations for food and/or a probiotic to help his tummy calm down. Purina's Fortiflora probiotoic helped my little poodle when he got nervous diarrhea when we went camping. It'd good stuff, and works better than yoghurt. Also, my older cat who used to vomit frequently is doing much better on Eukanuba Low Residue food. Just seem much easier for him to digest.

Get well soon, Heed!