Monday, April 09, 2007

Holy Crap, 50 People!

The second clue is up now, and the cat's out of the bag construction-wise. Yes, my center-out square spends an intermediary period as an octagon! The triangle moonlights as a ... very lopsided hexagon? Regardless, the presence of the rays and triangles (or jetties and ocean, as they are meant to reflect) has been revealed. The jetties have always been my favorite part of the beaches in Galveston, and they were of course the starting point for my shawl.

In other news, I have over fifty members now in the GalKal! I know it's nowhere near the number of participants in most other knitalongs, but I personally am floored by the number of knitters who've decided to take part in the knitalong. Seriously, take a moment and think about it - fifty people. Fifty strangers, fifty names-with-no-faces, fifty individuals with their own lives to be going about, are working on my shawl. Maybe some of them have cats who "help" like Heed and Cricket do - maybe they have dogs, or children, or significant others. Maybe there are rocket scientists and doctors and stay-at-home parents and not-staying-at-home parents. Maybe there's even a robot. Regardless, the one thing (aside from knitting in general and access to the internet) they have in common is my shawl. Robots and all.


megan said...

Someday, when I have learned to do more than garter stitch and purling, I shall join a knit along. Or perhaps I shall invent a robot to do it for me. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anyway, would you and Sweetie like to come to dinner at my casa on the 21st of April? Hastur and Mr. Hastur are supposed to come, and I'd like for you guys to meet the guy I'm dating. I'm thinking about making a game night of it, perhaps. Let me know! (also, need to learn more knitting!)


Persian Pen Name said...

21st? Let me see what's doing that night, I think that's the weekend Sweetie's got to show the new UU minister around, but I'm not really sure when his shift is. (also, I will bring yarn and books)