Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LACE (like that's any surprise)

So, today I have given myself the task of deciding which yarns/patterns/projects I am going to pack in my carry-on for the Crazy Adventure that starts on Friday. I'm going to need good plane knitting, good walking around being a tourist knitting, good showing off the mad skillz to the x-stitchers knitting, and good driving back for three days while listening to audiobooks and having wonderful conversations knitting. And, in case of an emergency, a backup project.

Luckily, plane knitting and driving knitting are pretty much the same. It's sitting-in-one-place-forever knitting; I'm thinking Frost Flowers and Leaves, which has gotten to the point that I simply can't work on it without sitting down. This is sadness for me.

Tourist knitting and mad skillz knitting I may also be able to combine. Two socks at once is pretty damn impressive, and portable to boot. So, of course, is fair isles, and I have been wanting to start on those Norwegian Stockings for a while now. Shawls in their younger stages have all the benefits of lightness and mobility while still being pretty damn cool, and I do have a couple of brilliant silks on cones that are nice and droolworthy.

Have I mentioned I got in a pair of patterns? Raku Suri and Misty Morning, both from the Alpaca Yarn Company.

So today I go stashdiving. It makes me wish I had more handknit socks finished, so I could show off a different pair every day. Sadly, this will have to wait until my rough heels stop eating my socks in less than a week. A week!


megan said...

Frost Flowers! I sooooooooo want to see it done!

Also, Hastur mentioned that you might know where I could acquire a head scarf, and might also possess the knowledge of fastening the thing to my head properly. As it happens, I will probably be spending a goodly portion of my summer in Istanbul, in a "not so safe for young western women" part of town. So my hair really needs to be covered while I'm there. Help?

Persian Pen Name said...

Hmm. I do happen to have a couple of links for online vendors (scarves, salwars, niqabs, whatever you prefer - I think salwars are pretty darn swanky myself), but I think your best bet would be to ask around at the local mosque! :) And failing that, we can probably make you some.

AlisonH said...

Just reading your post makes me want to go stash diving (at this hour!) and start a new lace project. Have a wonderful trip!