Sunday, October 04, 2015

Wild hogs!

Well, I let Trixie dog out this morning, and heard her barking while I prepared Heed's food and medicine. When I went out to go check on the garden, I looked to see what Trixie was barking at, and lo and behold - Giant mama hog, right in the front yard, with fifteen or so babies bouncing along behind her.

Now, Trixie wasn't on a leash, since it was daytime and the worst we've seen in the morning is the occasional bunny for her to chase. I yelled at her to come inside, but of course she ignored me. I know she was trying to protect me, but still. Irksome. She went down to the mowline, and barked her food head off, while mama and the piglets (one of which was white with black spots, and particularly adorable) went from the woods near the road to the woods in the pasture, which means we've got a hog-sized hole in the fence somewhere in that area.

Once they were out of sight, Trixie happily used the bathroom and pranced up to me, practically glowing with pride. Hadn't she barked so good? Hadn't she protected me so well? Never mind the fact that she hadn't listened, wasn't she the best dog ever?

I got her happy ass inside fast.

Anyone want to come hunt some hogs?

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Masha1 said...

hi there, not related to blog but I need some help with the galveston shawl you created.
Im struggling to understand where the "true start" of the pattern is after completing graph A.

Sharyn (New Zealand)