Saturday, April 21, 2007

Holy Crap!


Guess where I went this weekend? Austin, ergo, Hill Country Weavers.

Guess who was at Hill Country Weavers this weekend? Amy Singer and Jillian Moreno! How awesome is that?

So, I totally geeked out. I asked them to bless my idea book, and also sign it; photos of this will be up as soon as I can get a camera. Then we sat down, and had cookies and beer (I refrained from the beer), and I was working on Galveston and Jillian said "Wow! Look at that lace!" and I got to show it off to them. I'm almost unreasonably excited about this.


Friday, April 20, 2007


Wow. This has been a tough few days since my last post, and it looks like it'll be at least another week of the same.

The schoolwork has boiled down to two final papers - one comparison of a film to the story it's based on, with original thesis, to be as long as needed to back up the thesis thoroughly, and one semi-symbolic paper, 8 to 12 pages, with original thesis based on a particular (very small) novel, citing at least 15 sources in the novel to back up your thesis, and how it all relates to the law and literature movement as a whole.

Neither of these, you may notice, are psychology.

So while I find the ideas interesting, I'm having to fight lethargy and the neccesary but so far nonexistant planning for the actual graduation weekend (making and sending invites, getting reservations, knowing how many to reserve for, et all).

So what's a girl to do, but take a weekend road trip? Austin, here I come!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


So this friend of mine, she works in the Histotech lab where I hope soon to also be, and she likes to text message her buddies when they get in unusual or amusing animal parts at the lab. So this one day she texts her buddy 'ZOMG HORSE PENIS'. Ever since then, it's been kind of a catch-all phrase for those moments that blow your mind.

See a car explode? ZOMG HORSE PENIS.

Perfect stranger proposes to you? ZOMG HORSE PENIS.

100 people join your mystery knitalong? Well, I'm sure you get the idea.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Holy Crap, 50 People!

The second clue is up now, and the cat's out of the bag construction-wise. Yes, my center-out square spends an intermediary period as an octagon! The triangle moonlights as a ... very lopsided hexagon? Regardless, the presence of the rays and triangles (or jetties and ocean, as they are meant to reflect) has been revealed. The jetties have always been my favorite part of the beaches in Galveston, and they were of course the starting point for my shawl.

In other news, I have over fifty members now in the GalKal! I know it's nowhere near the number of participants in most other knitalongs, but I personally am floored by the number of knitters who've decided to take part in the knitalong. Seriously, take a moment and think about it - fifty people. Fifty strangers, fifty names-with-no-faces, fifty individuals with their own lives to be going about, are working on my shawl. Maybe some of them have cats who "help" like Heed and Cricket do - maybe they have dogs, or children, or significant others. Maybe there are rocket scientists and doctors and stay-at-home parents and not-staying-at-home parents. Maybe there's even a robot. Regardless, the one thing (aside from knitting in general and access to the internet) they have in common is my shawl. Robots and all.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

W00ty w00t w00tness

So, the GalKal is going great. The first clue is up, the key is now also up, and the second clue is ready for this weekend. I've already knit up to the end of the second clue and will be blocking it out tonight, to further refine the sizing of the chart. I'm still very excited about all of this. I can't wait to unveil the secret of how the triangle shawl is constructed with this next clue.

In other news, I applied for the fantastic histotechnician job, and hopefully I'll hear back about that soon. I know I was grumbly in my last post, but Sweetie and I talked it out and everything is fine again. We're both going to be applying to anywhere we can, and see where that goes. I, personally, am hoping to get this job and stay in town another year. I'd be able to pay off my smaller loan entirely and start on the big one - what's not to love about that? Also, I hope to discover interesting new shapes and colors in the slides (I find inspiration in odd places sometimes), and design much more knitting!

For now, though, I'm off to class. Whee!